Stand Easy

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Off the Moon

You wouldn't give me a goodbye wave

I took the airport taxi

and threw my past away

See my dreams just weren't right

Played my guitar too late at night

and that town just spit me out

But you know we'll both see the same sky

And my twilight stars

find you deep in the night


So I'll bounce a kiss off the moon

'cause wherever the moon lights

that kiss will find you

If I can't hold you

If I can't breathe in your perfume

I'll bounce a kiss to you

Right off the moon

My only regret

was thinking I had to choose

and I married music instead

You're raising 2.5 kids

Real comfortable where you live

with a husband you adore

And you'll never know 'bout this tear

on my face

Or that my soul's still mourning for

its long lost mate